Lanyard with Badge Clip

Lanyards can hold keys, ID badges, tags, etc...  There are two basic types of hooks for the end hardware, a snap hook or a badge clip.

     Snap Hook        Badge Clip

           Snap Hook           Badge Clip    

Break Away

All of our lanyards come with a safety break, as pictured above.

Now for the Fun Part!

We have our lanyards available in Lightweight Polypropylene webbing, and Polyester Ribbon.

Our Polyester ribbon is a sublimated product.  This means that we are able to to imprint it with just about any pattern, solid color, text, or logo!  This is a process we do in-house, and the result is vibrant, color fast, custom patterns and solid colors.  Please contact us for more details.

Patterned Ribbon
Our other option for our lanyards is Lightweight Polypropylene webbing, which is currently available in over twenty solid colors.   Lightweight Polypropylene